Young Mexican


This extraordinary large agave comes from the jungles with dry seasons and bushes. It forms a huge rosette of narrow, stiff green to grayish leaves with sharp teeth at the edges.

Its aroma and flavor reminds of fermented fruits and xoconostle, with a sweet and smooth finish. The Mexican maguey can be found in its three variants: Mexican or Chontal, Mexican long penca and smooth Mexican.

Variety 100% Mexican
Source Cultivated
State Oaxaca
Region Rio de Ejutla
Maturation time 7 years.
% Alc. Vol. 47%
Distillation Double distillation
Master Mezcalero Lucio Bautista
Net content 750 ml

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A. Angustifolia (Sprat) Jima to meet between 7 and 15 years of age Baking in traditional oven Grinding in stone tahona pulled by yunta Fermentation in sabino vats Double distillation with rectifier plates