Young Coyote


A mezcal with a discrete aroma of caramel, herbal, earthy flavor, spices and wood, with a sweet fruity finish. Sey names Coyote by the settlers of the region, also known as: papalometl (nahuatl: maguey butterfly), yaabendisi (mixteco), broad, bighorn, kite, tuchi.

Variety 100% Coyote
Source Cultivated
State Oaxaca
Region San Baltazar Guelavila
Maturation time 12 years.
% Alc. Vol. 47%
Distillation Double distillation
Master Mezcalero Pedro hernández
Net content 750 ml

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A. Angustifolia (Sprat) Jima to meet between 7 and 15 years of age Baking in traditional oven Grinding in stone tahona pulled by yunta Fermentation in sabino vats Double distillation with rectifier plates